Chris Eubank Sr. wants the boxing world to spurn what is being touted as the biggest all-British boxing fight in recent memory.

The former champion and British boxing icon recently came out against a proposed 157-pound catchweight fight between his son, the middleweight and super middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr., and rising welterweight Conor Benn. The two are set to face each other this Saturday at The O2 Arena in London. Eubank Sr. and Benn’s father, Nigel Benn, were responsible for Britain’s most fierce boxing rivalry during the 1990s.

But Eubank Sr. has been mostly persona non grata for most of the build-up for a fight whose intrigue is based partly on his accomplishments. His lone appearance – if you can call it that – was to tell The Daily Mail that he is adamantly against the fight taking place, citing the “dangerous” weight cut that his son would have to endure. Eubank Sr., in fact, even seemed to hint that he would try to take legal action if the fight proceeded.

In a recent statement issued to The Fight is Right, a British boxing podcast, Eubank Sr. has doubled down on his stand, calling for a “boycott” of the fight.

“Dear Spencer and The Fight Is Right. Boycott the fight: [Eubank] Jr. versus Benn:” Eubank told The Fight Is Right hosts Spencer Fearon and Tunde Ajayi. “You know what three pounds beneath the middleweight limit at 33-years-old can do.

“This is how brain injuries occur.”

Eubank Sr. may be more sensitive to the subject of brain damage than most other people. In 1991, Eubank Sr. fought Michael Watson in a rematch that ended with Watson incurring a near-fatal brain injury and being in a coma for more than a month.

Eubank Jr. was also in a similar situation as his father. In 2016, he fought Nick Blackwell for the British middleweight title, stopping him in the 10th round. Blackwell, however, turned out to have suffered a brain bleed and was subsequently placed under a medically induced coma.