Brooklyn’s Cesar Francis is looking to make waves in the 140-147 realms in 2021, as he attempts to continue the momentum gained from winning the WBC USNBC title in his last outing in Greenville, South Carolina.

Francis stepped in at last minute for the title bout in Carolina, moving up to main event on the card, as he blasted through Augustine Mauras in two rounds to claim the WBC regional belt. Now 7-0 (5KOs), the Panamanian native discussed his last outing and hopes for 2021.

‘Rainman’ said, “I have great support, and without great support, you can’t do anything in life never mind boxing.  My trainer Chico Guzman, my family, Team Havoc, have supported me for a long time and it’s getting me to the places I need to be.

“The last fight was crazy. I was moved into the main event the morning of the show. When Chris from Havoc called to offer us the fight I just said ‘let’s make it rain.’ I was happy with my performance and delighted to pick up my first title and I’m grateful to everybody who made that happen for me.

“I want opportunities and that’s the thing for me. I got that in my last fight on the first One For All Promotions card and it was a real fight. I want to be in real fights. I’m 7-0 now and I feel I’m ready for that step up. I’m excited to fight again on February 20 in Orlando and continue to show that I’m going to the top in the sport of boxing.”

Francis returns to the ring on February 20 at Orlando’s Caribe Royale Resort on the One For All Promotions and he discussed his preparation for this fight alongside Richard Commey, Pablo Valdez, Kenny Robles, and Ivan Golub.

The Brooklyn-based puncher said, “I’m excited to be back fighting again, and thank you to Team Havoc and OFA Promotions for keeping me active. It’s not easy to be active right now so I’m grateful to be kept active.

“Camp for this fight has been great. I’ve been working with some great fighters like Richard Commey. Richard is so hungry to get his world title back you can see it in training and feel it in sparring. It is world-class work that I am very lucky to have and it’s making me a better fighter.

“I’ve had great work with Ivan Golub who is also on the card. Ivan is world-class himself and a different style so working with him in fantastic from a learning point of view. I’ve had great work with Pablo Valdez and Kenny Robles as well who are very talented in their own right, and that has prepared me for a career best performance on February 20.”