According to Hector Camacho Jr, he's been waiting to get revenge since 1992 - when his famous father, Hector Camacho, lost a twelve round decision to Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

He will get his chance at revenge on June 19, when Camacho Jr. faces Chavez Sr. in an exhibition fight in Mexico.

"[I've been waiting for revenge] since 1992, when Chavez beat my father, that was a defeat for Puerto Rico and my family. I have sought the fight with Chavez for years and it was not possible; I tried with Julio Jr, I couldn't; I tried to get Omar [Chavez], I couldn't. What I wanted was a Chavez and finally with Chavez Sr. we are going to do it in an exhibition. Now it's my turn," Camacho Jr. told Rodrigo Camacho.

Being a boxer with a famous father who was regarded as a great fighter wasn't easy for Camacho Jr.

"It has not been easy. When I trained for boxing I knew that they were going to compare me a lot with him. Legends like Julio Cesar Chavez and Macho Camacho are not born every day. I can relate to Julio Jr, he has gone through the same thing, it is not easy. I am here to be the best Hector Camacho Jr. that I can be, not to try to be like my father. My father is my father, I am me," Camacho said.

"I'm still me, but I live for my father's legacy. I dedicated myself more to my family and my father. Tomorrow is not guaranteed by anyone. I live my straight life, I don't go out, I don't drink, I don't get into drugs, it's a straight, clean life. I have a beautiful daughter. I am more of a family man. I got more serious in that regard.

"I was the son of Macho Camacho and grew up on the streets of New York, which is difficult. [They would say to me] 'Ah, are you the son of Macho Camacho? Let's fight'. It was not easy. My dad, yes, he was Macho Camacho, but I saw him on television, I couldn't spend a lot of time with him, and I wondered why he wasn't with me. Now I am a boxer and I understand the sacrifice that is made, it is made for the family, for the children, and I understand now, but it was not easy.

"I was always very prominent, it was always like that. After coming up as a boxer they told me 'ah, you're not going to be like your father', it was always a challenge, to believe in yourself, to keep pushing forward, that never goes away."