Adrien Broner dares any of his underclassmen to come meet him in the ring—that is, if they want to suffer a career beatdown.

In an interview with Cigar Talk, the multiple-weight division champion from Cincinnati sounded off on a few notable names at 140 that he could face that would make for an intriguing showdown. Broner, who has campaigned mostly at welterweight for the past several years, also stated that he intends to carry on fighting strictly at 140 for the foreseeable future.

The subject was first broached when the British welterweight Conor Benn was brought up. Benn has repeatedly called out a slew of top welterweights for the past year, including Broner. Broner spoke highly of the rising welterweight from England, but brushed off the idea of fighting him, saying Benn would not come down to 140.

“For what?” Broner said when asked about fighting Benn. “I fight at 140. He’s not going to come to no ’40. I’ll fight anybody. Y’all know that. Come to ’40. Anybody want to come to ’40, any you guys, any real n----- want to come up to ’40, c’mon.”

Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) also entertained fights with the likes of Ryan Garcia, the lightweight attraction who a few months ago expressed his intention of fighting at 140 moving forward, as well as Rolly Romero, a lightweight who has also mentioned the intention of moving up in weight.

Broner would be happy to indulge them in a fight––he just doesn't think it will end well for any of them, in case they take him for gatekeeper material.

“Like I said, man, if any of these young guns wanna f--- up some sh!t,” Broner said. “Cuz in this game you can f--- up. Sometimes, some f---ups you can’t come back.

“So if you really want to f--- up something, fight me. If you want to f--- up something––Like, I’m here for here. I will help you…But leave me alone right now. I ain’t the one to be f------- with. I ain’t the one.”

Broner is set to make his return to the ring after a 24-month layoff against Ivan Redkach on Feb. 25 in Atlanta.