Before he became an incredibly popular fighter, Ryan Garcia made a promise to himself.

Win a world title.

Well, Garcia is entering year eight of his pro career and he hasn’t come close to achieving his goal. In fact, the 26-year-old has failed to even fight for one.

Still, Garcia isn’t too worried. He believes time is on his side and bringing home a belt will eventually happen. Initially, Garcia had a feeling that his first reign would take place at 135 pounds. Making that weight, however, became too arduous over the years. So officially, Garcia decided it was time to move up.

He may have just a few fights under his belt in his new division, but Garcia believes he’s ready to take a step up in competition. After taking care of business against Oscar Duarte at the end of 2023, Garcia claimed that he wanted a piece of Devin Haney, the division's WBC champion.

From there, both sides immured themselves in a room and got to work. Progress may have been made, but Garcia had a change of heart. For whatever reason, Garcia has opted against chasing after Haney’s green title and has fallen in love with the black, red, and gold strap held by Rolando “Rolly” Romero.

Tim Bradley believes he’s an intelligent guy, so he doesn’t want to hear Garcia’s disingenuous excuses for why he got cold feet. When peeking around the super lightweight division, Bradley notices nothing but monsters. Well, everyone but Romero.

Out of the four current champions at 140 pounds, Bradley views him as the weakest link. Meaning, it makes all the sense in the world for Garcia to go after him.

“The only way Ryan Garcia is gonna win a world championship and the only guy that he can possibly beat at 140 pounds is Rolly Romero,” Bradley told Pro Boxing Fans. “He’s not beating Devin Haney, he’s not beating Matias, and he’s not beating Teofimo Lopez.”