It was recently announced that YouTube star Jake Paul (3-0) and former top MMA fighter Tyron Woodley will face each other this summer. August 28th has been mentioned as a possible date for the Showtime pay-per-view. 

Woodley is very confident. So confident in fact that he doesn’t believe Paul will make it to the final bell. 

“I think [round] three. First round sounds cocky, sounds dope, but I just know that if I’m fighting Tyron Woodley, everyone is going to tell him to cover up, weather the storm, clinch him, grab him, keep him away from you, stay at distance, watch out for the right hand," Woodley recently told Michael Bisping.

However, Paul’s trainer BJ Flores didn’t find Woodley’s comments to be assuming.  He believes that Woodley’s mouth is writing a check that he won’t be able to cash when they meet in the ring. 

“Tyron keeps talking about, ‘everyone is gonna tell Jake to hold on, cover up, stay away’ and earlier made comments about ‘Jake better not bitch out when he sees me training.’ These comments show exactly what will be Tyron’s downfall. His giant ego,” Flores told 

“First of all, nobody is intimidated or scared of Tyron. We will be coming straight to him in the very first round and his right hand or any ‘traps’ he plans on setting aren't gonna save him. I'm telling you, as soon as Jake touches him with a clean shot, this fight will be over.”

Flores, who is a former world title challenger, feels that Woodley’s is tailor made for Paul. The 24-year-old has devoted himself to the sweet science for the past 24 months and has sparred with several top boxers. 

“Look, I’m the one who told Jake’s manager to take this fight. Jake will fight anyone and we all agreed within 5 minutes so it was just a matter of getting Tyron to agree. He did and now we got a fight on our hands.

“If Tyron thinks he punches harder than Jake in 10 ounce gloves, he is badly mistaken. Tyron’s ego will be a huge advantage for us with him thinking we are worried about his power. 

“Jake will be the aggressor in this fight 100%. The second Tyron feels some of those straight shots in the opening seconds of the first round, he will realize he is in a real fight,” Flores said. 

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