Former cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew explained why he's more impressed with Anthony Joshua's victory over Wladimir Klitschko than what Fury had accomplished against the Ukrainian fighter two years earlier.

Fury pulled off a shocking upset when he outboxed Klitschko to capture the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO titles in November of 2015.

Klitschko was then inactive until he faced Joshua, in April of 2017, before a crowd of 90,000 fans at Wembley in London.

In a fire-fight, Klitschko was down in the fifth, but came back to deck Joshua hard in the sixth. Joshua rallied to drop Klitschko twice in the eleventh for the stoppage win. Klitschko retired from the sport a few months later.

“The way [Joshua] took Klitschko apart was unbelievable - and you also have to remember he was very close to knocking Klitschko out in the fifth round. When he hit him with that uppercut and his neck went the length of a giraffe - it was just crazy, but then also he gets put down. Such an exciting fight it was brilliant to watch, back and forth," Bellew explained to IFL TV.

Bellew believes if Klitschko had been given the decision over Fury, it would not have been a big shock.

“Yes, I fully get it with Klitschko vs Fury, but you have to remember in that fight, if Fury didn’t get that decision that day, would that have been a big shock? I’ve seen bigger robberies in Germany. Would there have been a big thing if Klitschko retained his title? He didn’t but it wouldn’t have been, would it? Because it was a close fight.

"I think Fury won 100 percent, I think he beat Klitschko, but he beat him in the most dullest, worst performance of the heavyweight titles I’ve seen. I think I’ve watched it back twice since it happened and I wanted the 36 minutes back two times.”

Joshua and Fury are in serious negotiations to collide in a high stakes unification clash in 2021. If a deal is finalized, the fight would take place in May or June.