Bob Arum continues to view Eddie Hearn as a failure, at least as it pertains to the American promotional landscape.

Arum, the nonagenarian founder of Las Vegas-based Top Rank, responded to comments Hearn made in a recent interview in which the Matchroom head suggested Arum is mentally incoherent because of his predilection for smoking marijuana and eating edibles. Arum has frequently praised the medicinal effects he garners from marijuana.

When asked to respond to Hearn, Arum let loose on his rival.

“That’s wonderful, and I like edibles, and I don’t make excuses for having used marijuana,” Arum told Boxing Social in the lead-up to the Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora heavyweight title fight in London. “But I don’t use it when I’m working, I don’t use it when I’m doing interviews .I do it at night, in my own private world. So, if that’s all Eddie has, that’s just typical nonsense [from] Eddie Hearn.”

Arum did not hold his tongue there. The Hall of Fame promoter then excoriated Hearn for failing to seize a significant market share of boxing in the United States. In 2018, Hearn announced a lucrative partnership with DAZN, the streaming platform, in a play to take over the American boxing scene. But competition turned out to be more fierce than Hearn or DAZN had apparently anticipated, as fighters Hearn expected he could woo away from rival promoters with hefty, above-market paychecks largely stayed put with their incumbent handlers. Last year, in a move that suggested their US endeavor would now take a backseat to other ventures, Hearn and DAZN announced a multi-year deal to promote shows in the United Kingdom. Arum suggested Hearn now has scant credibility amongst his American peers, including Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy and Al Haymon of Premier Boxing Champions.

“Trust me, in the United States, Eddie Hearn is considered a joke,” Arum continued. “Ask any promoter. Ask Golden Boy, ask Al Haymon—Eddie Hearn is a joke. DAZN gave him over a billion dollars to crack the US market and all he’s done is piss the money away. So if you talk about a joke, it’s Eddie Hearn how he’s acted in the United States.

“One of the problems with Eddie Hearn is that he gets involved in everybody’s business. Everybody’s business is his. He predicts how a fight will draw on pay-per-view when he has nothing to do with the fight. Isn’t he better off concentrating on a fight that he’s promoting where he does have skin in the game than to talk about other people’s fights? But no. You put a microphone in front of him, it spews out a guy that can’t control himself and talks for the sake of talking.”