A discussion took place a few days ago between Andrés Ruiz, the father of former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz, and outstanding Mexican trainer Eddy Reynoso.

Their conversation was very prosperous and everything indicates that Ruiz will have a new corner when he returns to the ring in September.

Andy's father, in a telephone interview with the Sports Journal, revealed that his talk with the Guadalajara coach left him with a very positive feeling, because on the professional side he is an admirer of the great work Reynoso has done in the gym with several top boxers, including the four-time world champion Saúl "Canelo" Alvarez.

"We had a very good chemistry at the meeting a few days ago, I like Eddy's way of thinking. I think we are going to stay with him to train Andy," anticipated Ruiz's father.

“There will be many changes with Eddy, he is a very disciplined, very energetic coach, dedicated to what he does, and he is also a great person, I can tell from the talk we had. He has a stable where there is a pure champion, starting with Canelo Alvarez; I think it is best to go with him to train."

"If this situation with the pandemic begins to resolve, we think that by September it would be the right date for Andy to fight and, if he fights in September, I think that in the first week of June we'll go with Eddy to train."

Regarding the opponent, former world heavyweight champion Chris Arreola, another fighter with Mexican blood, has been raised as a frontrunner.

“Chris Arreola is considered, there was also talk of (Adam) Kownacki, but he already lost. First we will do the fight with Arreola and then with whoever it is, with (Tyson) Fury, (Anthony) Joshua, once Eddy grabs him and prepares him well, you will see that he will hit everyone at full weight and he will return to be world champion," Ruiz said.

Ruiz lost his four world titles back in December, when he dropped a lopsided twelve round unanimous decision to Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia. Afterwards, Ruiz parted ways with trainer Manny Robles.

Coming into that fight, Ruiz was out of shape admitted that he partied for two months in the aftermath of his win over Joshua in June 2019.

"He needs discipline, my son knows it, we all know it, with this change [to Reynoso] he will be a more disciplined fighter. To reach the top you must push yourself to the maximum, train hard and dedicate yourself completely," Ruiz Sr. said.