Brooklyn, New York – With the motivation of adding a golden page in the achievements of Puerto Rican professional boxing, Amanda Serrano, the unified 126-pound champion, will seek to be the undisputed champion at the same weight, when she faces the world champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Erika 'Dinamita' Cruz of Mexico, in a war between Puerto Rico and Mexico, on Saturday, February 4 at the Hulu theater in Madison Square Garden.

For this historic brawl, Serrano will stake her featherweight belts from the World Boxing Organization, the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Council, and the International Boxing Organization.

Cruz for her part, will seek to become the first female undisputed champion from Mexico, creating a historic scenario for both boxers in the legendary rivalry that exists in their respective countries.

“This is the second time in 140 years that women's boxing is the main attraction at Madison Square Garden,” said Serrano, who will be taking part in her sixteenth (16) world title fight since she debuted in March 2009. 

“I always admire the great Mexican and Mexican champions for their courage and dedication and just thinking that I will face a Mexican world champion in the most important fight of my career is something incredible. I always say that God's timing is perfect.

“I am very focused on training because I know there will be a lot of action that night. Erika is coming to give everything and so will I. I'm looking to guarantee a victory in style so that my flag moves from side to side throughout the Garden and throughout Puerto Rico.

“The fight with Katie Taylor was very exciting and many analysts saw it as the fight of the year for both women and men. Because of Erika's style, I believe that there will be another bell-to-bell war that I promise you that it will meet all expectations. What better than having the possibility of facing Katie Taylor again in a duel of undisputed champions in the near future."