By Miguel Rivera

According to multiple outlets in Puerto Rico, former world champion Wilfredo "Papito" Vazquez Jr. was charged with assaulting a man in the face.

According to a police report, agents of the Bayamon precinct were given a complaint of aggression that was allegedly carried out by Vazquez - and incident which allegedly took place this morning at a gas station located on the Magnolia Avenue in Bayamon.

Lieutenant Felix Fuentes, of the Criminal Investigation Body (CIC) of the Bayamón Police, said that this aggression is considered a serious crime, because Vazquez is a professional boxer and his hands are viewed as deadly weapons.

"Mr. Vazquez, because he has a boxer's license, when he hits someone with his fists it becomes a felony," the police chief said.

Fuentes said that the information being put together at the moment is that at about 4:30 am on Monday, the claimant - identified as Nelson Castillo Díaz, 24 years old and neighbor of Bayamó - was with friends at that gas station when "Papito" Vázquez arrived and "without a word he attacked a gentleman with his fists to his face and left the place."

Castillo Díaz was treated at the Bayamón Health Center.

"He had bruises in different areas ... he is in stable condition," Fuentes said.

The lieutenant said that they will go to the gas station to see if there are security cameras to request the videos and to determine if the incident was recorded. He said that there must be other witnesses because the complainant alleges that he was accompanied by others at the time of the incident.

The CIC was trying early today to contact Vazquez to get his version of the events.

The fighter has had previous incidents with the authorities.

In 2015 he brawled with a manager of the Miguel J. Frau municipal gymnasium in Bayamon - an incident that saw the police arrive at the scene but ultimately did not go to court.

Vazquez Jr., with a record of 24 wins, seven losses and a draw, was world champion at 122 pounds and is the son of the former champion of the same name, who reigned at 126 pounds.