Wilfredo "Bimbito" Méndez , former world champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) at 105 pounds, aims to return to the ring on April 8 in the Dominican Republic for the first time since he lost the aforementioned title at the hands of Japan's Masataka Taniguchi last December.

To do this, he recruited the services of three-time world champion Román "Rocky" Martínez.

"Rocky is helping me on the track and in physical work," said Méndez, through a written communication, to Primera Hora. “He (Martínez) is very disciplined in his work. He always arrives early and puts a lot of seriousness and enthusiasm into everything he does. He reviews every detail, you always see him with his little notebook reviewing everything. I feel good with him. His discipline led him to be a three-time world champion and he always demands the maximum from us."

Méndez (16-2, 6 KO) will face Venezuelan Kenny “El Maestrico” Cano (14-4, 11 KO) in an eight-round fight at a maximum weight of 107 pounds.

“I have been with Bimbito for almost two months. We are working a little on strength, posture, movements. Bimbito is a boy who works very hard, a boy who never says no to work,” explained Martínez.

“On April 8 (Bimbito) will have more strength. It is a matter of continuing the work. This is not spending one or two months resting after each fight, this is continuing the work, maintaining the body to obtain the result that one needs. I have no doubt that Bimbito will be at 100 percent and it will be a great fight."

Mendez hopes that a positive result on Cano will eventually lead to a rematch with Taniguchi.

“I had a loss in Japan and lost the title, but I am recognized for coming back stronger than ever in losses. I know that my opponent (Cano) is a puncher and that he has faced world champions and great prospects, he has the credit of him and I am ready for this challenge," Mendez indicated.

“I needed to be active. For my defense in Japan I went 22 months without fighting and now I'm fighting right away. I would like to have a rematch against (Taniguchi) after this fight since I fight on April 8 and he fights two weeks later. I believe that in 2022 the title will return to Puerto Rico," Méndez concluded.

The fight on April 8 will be broadcast live on Shuan Boxing's YouTube page, starting at 7:00 p.m.