Malik Scott, head trainer of former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, is hoping that the referee will keep a close eye on the safety of upcoming opponent Joseph Parker.

Wilder is scheduled to face Parker on December 23 in Saudia Arabia, as part of the big 'Day of Reckoning' event.

Parker, a former WBO world champion, has been the more active of the two and the upcoming bout will be his fourth of the year.

Wilder has only seen one round of action since the 2021 trilogy fight with Tyson Fury.

Despite the stretch of inactivity, Scott expects his fighter to place Parker in a lot of danger during the bout.

“I'm calling on the referee to make sure they're watching Joseph Parker closely and this goes for all of Deontay Wilder's opponents, but especially guys like Parker, who is in the second half of his career. A young guy gets hit early, boom, he takes it, he's got a whole career ahead of him, but these older guys who have already taken punches, and who have already been in these tough wars - I really advise the referee to look after these guys. Don't let these fights go longer than they really should go because Deontay is a pure killer," Scott said to Betway

“After the fight, the next day, Deontay will ask how his opponent is, but in that moment the ‘Bronze Bomber’ is trying to send you to the next dimension. I pray to God that the referee keeps a close eye on Joseph Parker and any guy that Deontay fights because if you hop in and try and throw some lucky punch, we're going to make you reach and we're going to make you pay tragically in a very, very horrific manner, that goes for anyone that Deontay hits. It's like walking on to a head-on collision. They're going to make Deontay's job easier if they come in thinking they're going to be able to come in and push him back." 

Scott is expecting Wilder to make a big statement in the fight. 

A win over Parker could set up a huge showdown with former two-time champion Anthony Joshua in 2024. Joshua will be featured in the 'Day of Reckoning' main event against Otto Wallin.

“If Deontay on December 23 does everything that I know he can do, he will not only steal the show, but he will send shockwaves through the boxing world because his violence is now coming from a more systematic place, a place of intelligence, he's not just going out there and throwing punches. He's making them run into punches. It's going to be very, very violent," Scott said.