Heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder still believes Tyson Fury "cheated" in their second contest.

They fought to a controversial twelve round split draw in 2018. Fury went down twice in the bout.

Their 2020 rematch saw Fury drop Wilder twice and stop him in the seventh of a one-sided fight.

They met for a third time in 2021, with both hitting the deck. Fury went down twice, with Wilder getting dropped three times and stopped in the eleventh.

In the aftermath of their rematch, Wilder made numerous allegations against Fury - including a claim that he manipulated his gloves by loading them with weights.

Several years later, Wilder remains firm on his belief that Fury used illegal tactics to ensure a victory.

“It isn't so much what I think Fury did, it was what I know he did. But God said ‘victory is not yours, it's his’, so I walk on that path. What I think has helped me a lot with life and what has made me happier - because I have proof of a lot of things [Fury did], you understand me? But that's neither here nor there - but what has helped me on the journey of life is Ayahuasca," Wilder said.

"Ayahuasca has been a beautiful thing. I advise everyone to explore those options of taking Ayahuasca. It has definitely released something in me, a lot of people say that I'm more sensitive to things and happier - and I feel that way ever since leaving Ayahuasca. I feel so much happier and a release of things. It's a beautiful thing. I appreciate the smallest things in life, not saying I didn't before, but I do even more on a wider scale. I'm happier and smiling more and a lot of people get skeptical about Ayahuasca because of certain things and they get frightful, but I always tell people you must overcome your fears because your fears can hold you back from reaching the next level.”

“This is the happiest I've ever been. A lot of people assumed I was depressed because they weren't hearing from me. But if you go back in the history of time, when I'm out of boxing I'm MIA. I leave it alone, I go do other things because I'm so talented in so many different ways that I don't spend all my time boxing. I can't. I need multiple incomes, I have eight children, so I must continue to provide service to my greatness; the start of my music career which is going very well and I'm a businessman; I own many properties, I'm building plaza's and hotel condominiums, I have employees. I have a lot going on that doesn't consist of boxing all the time. We can't box all the time.”