Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder will not be looking a single punch in his upcoming trilogy fight with Tyson Fury, according to sparring partner Stephan Shaw. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Back in February of 2020, Fury stopped Wilder in the seventh round to capture the WBC world title.

Their trilogy fight will take place on October 9th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Last year, Wilder parted ways with his longtime co-trainer Mark Breland.

And then earlier this year, Wilder hired former foe turned close friend, retired heavyweight Malik Scott, to be his trainer for the trilogy fight.

Shaw has been sparring with Wilder to help him prepare for the fight.

"It's kind of cerebral. He's reserved, but he seems like he's at peace. He seems cool to me. It's not like, 'Grrr, I gotta get him back'. Nah, he's like, 'Fight night, they're gonna see'. He's all business, that's one thing I can say. I can't wait to see it, I'm excited," Shaw told The Sun.

"Hopefully we will see a different Deontay. With the different things that he's doing in camp and that Malik is adjusting and adapting him to, I see Deontay working on those things. It's only going to tell on fight night but he's definitely trying new things. He's not just trying to hunt you down with one big shot.

"I think one of the mishaps he had before was thinking, 'Guys have to be perfect for a whole 12 rounds, all it takes for me is one second to change the fight'. Even though that's true, it can go either way, it is heavyweight boxing and one punch can change the fight for Deontay or Fury. Trying those things and working on them and actually executing them on fight night is what is going to tell how this fight is really going to be. From my point of view, he's definitely working on new things."