Heavyweight contenders Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin are only a few weeks away from their anticipated rematch, which takes place on March 27 in Gibraltor.

The two punchers collide back in August at Matchroom's Fight Camp in Brentwood.

Whyte scored two knockdowns in the fourth round - but he was brutally knocked out cold in the fifth - courtesy of a vicious uppercut from Povetkin.

Their rematch was initially scheduled to take place in November, and then in January. Both dates were ruled out after Povekin was diagnosed with COVID-19.

After a few months of dealing with COVID-related symptoms, Povetkin was able to fight off the virus.

A date of March 6 was set down, but the event was pushed back due to travel restrictions connected to the ongoing pandemic.

Whyte is very confident in his ability to get revenge in the rematch.

"I’m going to get the win and get the win in style. I’m definitely going for the knockout this time, 100 percent. All hell will break loose if I knock him down again this time, trust me," Whyte told Press Association.

“I can beat him, I was beating him before and I know I can beat him. I just want to get in there and put the wrong right straightaway. We’re not considering a loss, we’re daring to get the win.

"I wasn’t getting outclassed, it was just one of those things in heavyweight boxing. I was bossing the fight, I switched off for a second and got caught. It hasn’t damaged me in any way mentally or physically.

"Muhammad Ali got beaten, the greatest of all time Sugar Ray Robinson, they all got stopped. Boxing is like life: you don’t win everything, it’s not every day in life you wake up and you’re so positive and you’re jumping around.

“You have to keep going and be strong mentally and physically and just keep grafting. I know I can beat Povetkin, it’s not like I need to change this or become this, I’ve just got to prepare and come ready to go to war.”

Whyte admits that he's still not sold on Povetkin's COVID diagnosis.

He believes Povetkin had created an excuse to secure additional time to prepare for their second meeting.

“It’s been frustrating. He said he had COVID, which is really mysterious because there was no evidence of him ever having COVID. We requested everything and didn’t get anything," Whyte said.

“If he did have COVID then I’m wrong for saying he didn’t and I’ll put my hands up to it, but if he didn’t then he’s a bitch.”