By Miguel Rivera

Referee Tony Weeks explained his decision to stop last Saturday's fight between Saul Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Angulo took a lot of punishment in the match, but he was never close to going down. At the start of the tenth round, Angulo was hit with a good uppercut and Weeks stepped in to wave things off. Angulo, his corner, and thousands of Mexican fans were upset. Some of the fans in attendance began to throw beer, water bottles and other items in the ring.

"I went to speak to the corner [of Angulo] at the end of the ninth, when I approached [Virgil] Hunter asked me for one more round. I said to him that if [Angulo] continued [to take punishment] I was going to stop the fight and he said to me that was fine. Then I went to speak with the doctor and he said to me immediately, 'Tony, he is receiving a lot of punishment. If [Canelo] connects with another hard blow, stop the fight,'" Weeks told Joe Cortez.

'When you have the combination of [fighter] receiving everything, taking punishment, with no defense and without anything in his punches, you have the perfect recipe for the disaster."