Frank Warren is livid that his name is being sullied by longtime professional peer (and also apparently nemesis) Don King.

In a recent interview, the head of Queensberry Promotions was irate that the infamous American promoter mentioned him as the reason why Danel Dubois has not been paid.

Dubois, Warren’s longtime heavyweight client, lodged a lawsuit against King this past week for King’s alleged failure to pay him his entire purse for his WBA heavyweight title fight against Trevor Bryan on June 11 in Miami, which was promoted by Don King Productions.

King responded by saying that the purse is held in escrow and that Warren failed to answer King’s requests for wiring instructions

“Did Frank lose my number?” King said in a statement. “He knows where to reach me.”

Added King, “I’ve never not paid a fighter and this is certainly not the case here.”

Warren, however, accused King of making up an alibi. Warren insists that he has had no role to play in this transaction, stating that the matter is strictly between Dubois and King. Warren also expressed bewilderment at the notion that Dubois' purse needed to be held in escrow and recommended that the Florida athletic commission should work to revoke King’s promotional license in the state.  

“The money hasn’t been paid,” Warren told IFL TV. “There’s no ifs and or buts about this. This is what he (King) does. He’ll drag this out for years if he has his way. What should then [happen] if he doesn’t pay they should take away his license—that’s if he promotes another show. They should take his license off him and I’m sure under the Florida—because the state commission is appointed by the government, it’s not like the Boxing Board of Control, which is a self appointed body — it’s a state appointed body. I know they have legal means themselves to go about this. No one wants to go down that road. Just pay him his money.

“And he came out with some rubbish as well about the money has gone to escrow. What escrow?”

Warren reiterated several times throughout the course of the interview that he is not privy to the dealings between King and Dubois. The Bryan-Dubois WBA secondary heavyweight title bout went up for purse bid, with King winning the bid over Warren’s Queensberry by over a $600,000 margin.

“I have nothing to do with this promotion,” Warren said. “Zero. Queensberry has nothing to do with the promotion. They were not the promoters. Don King Promotions' contract is with Daniel Dubois. They are the contracting parties. I know I’m repeating myself but it’s as simple as that.

“There was no escrow account set up. Nothing was set up. So it’s all bullsh!t…where and why hasn’t he paid the money? Don’t keep using some bullsh!t about me and him…just complete and utter crap.”

“Of course he’s lying,” Warren added. “Ask Don King who his contract’s with. It’s not with me, it’s not with Queensberry. His contract is with Daniel Dubois, so straight away that’s a lie.

“It’s like saying if I didn’t pay Dillian Whyte that it’s Eddie Hearn’s fault. It’s not Eddie Hearn’s fault, it’s my fault, or Queensberry’ fault…That’s the best analogy."

Warren speculated that King is trying to extract money for him for a presumed debt from many years ago, but Warren brushed that off as complete nonsense.

“This is all about a contract,” Warren said. “That’s what it’s about. It’s about two parties enter into a contract and both parties have duties to perform under that contract. Daniel Dubois has performed his duty under the contract, and Don King is supposed to pay him for those duties and he hasn’t.

"What he’s trying to do is to set up some money of an alleged debt he says that I have with him, which has got sh!t to do with the contract, and I don’t owe him money anyway. I’ve done one show with him in all that time, and had I owed him any money he should’ve sued me.”