According to Virgil Hunter, the head trainer for former world champion Amir Khan, his boxer does not do enough training between fights and is letting his skills deteriorate.

Khan was back in action last  month, when he was stopped in six rounds by WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

There are still claims that Khan quit, after the contest was waved off when Khan said that he was unable to continue due to a low blow landed by Crawford.

The defeat dropped Khan, 33-years-old, to a record of 33 wins and five defeats.

Hunter says his boxer trainers very hard in camp, but he doesn't train enough between fights and becomes very rusty - which creates issues in his fights.

He shakes his head at the suggest that Khan is a fighter on the slide, he simply feels the Bolton boxer is not working enough to keep his skill sharp when fights are not scheduled.

"I would like to see him commit to many training camps in between fights and to work on his weaknesses before he makes that final decision to really see if his skills are gone, or if he is just letting them lay in a pile and deteriorate slowly. He never has practice in between fights. He trains hard for 10 weeks but it's not enough," Khan told BBC Sport.

"There's little things that he does that cause him to be out of sync. His timing is off. His distance is not where it should be. He doesn't have a sense of range and distance and those things are not due to age. That's from practice. His hand speed is still there but his sense of distance and range is not there and that's what he needs to work on."