In the main event of the card, organized by the RCC Boxing Promotions at the Tracktor Ice Palace in Chelyabinsk, Russia, local super featherweight Vildan Minasov (12-1, 7 KOs) barely passed the toughest test of his young career by outpointing former WBA 130lb titleholder Rene "Gemelo" Alvarado (33-14, 22 KOs) unanimously over ten very heated rounds of two-way action.

Sadly, no scores were once again announced during the broadcast leaving those watching the card around the globe wondering if the bout was scored correctly or not. BoxingScene had it 95-95 - a draw.

WBA #10 Alvarado, 34, was coming into the fight with a single win (in his native Nicaragua) in the last six fights. Minasov, 26, was seven fights removed from his early career loss to Bahodur Usmonov. One of those seven fights was a win against ex-WBA lightweight champion Paulus Moses.

The opening rounds were mostly two-way, but slowly Alvarado took control of the center of the ring, while Minasov chose to mount counter-offensives. Both boxers had their chances, Minasov being slightly sharper and landing more punches. Alvarado threw considerably more but failed to land with the same precision as Minasov. Yet, Alvarado's constant pressure resulted in Minasov being slightly bruised and fatigued. Nevertheless, younger and less experienced Minasov gave the former champion fits.

The Nicaraguan's comeback started in round five. Alvarado increased the tempo and started connecting with more meaningful punches. There were no specific shots that wobbled Minasov but he began to lose energy and eat more and more shots. Round six and seven were big for the Nicaraguan, who trapped Minasov at the ropes several times and unleashed furious combinations. Vildan took them with visible difficulty but refused to go down. Rounds eight and nine were more even, but Alvarado was doing more and landing more against the fatigued opponent. However, the last saying was from Minasov, who wobbled Alvarado during the last minute of the fight, pinned him to the corner but failed to get a stoppage.


WBC/WBA/WBO #13 rated lightweight Zaur Abdullaev (18-1, 11 KOs) scored the quickest win of the night, overwhelming previously undefeated compatriot Roman Andreev (25-1, 18 KOs) in three easy rounds.

With all victories to his resume - including those over 27-4 Rolando Magbanua, 16-2-1 Pavel Malikov and 29-5-1 Freddy Fonseca - 37-year-old Andreev was a huge underdog. The Abdullaev fight was his first in the last 27 months, even though Abdullaev is known as a slow starter. Zaur, whose only loss came in September 2019 against future undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney, was on a six-fight winning streak, including big victories over ex-WBC titlist Dejan Zlaticanin and former P4P-entrant Jorge Linares.

Andreev started very aggressively, upping tempo and stalking Abdullaev, 29, in the first round. Zaur was very measured, easily took Andreev's body punches and blocked or dodge a vast majority of head shots. He didn't open during the first two minutes of the round, concentrating solely on negating his foe's offensive. Once opened, Abdullaev landed a major left jab, dropping unbalanced Andreev down for a knockdown and thus taking the round. In the second, Abdullaev was still measured, feeling out his distance, taking Andreev's fire. He landed several jabs, and Andreev wasn't very pleased to take them but this time he weathered the storm.

In the third, Zaur started to throw - and land - power punches in addition to his already present jab. Andreev was wobbled several times, his mouth opened, and his nose was cut badly after several punches by Abdullaev. Zaur suddenly switched on the predator mode and delivered a serious beating to Andreev at the end of the round. With his nose cut and bleeding profusely and fatigue mounting, Team Andreev called it a day during the subsequent break.


Russian super featherweight Ivan Chirkov (11-0, 2 KOs) passed the toughest test of his career barely outmaneuvering dangerous Venezuelan puncher Edixson "El Cabezon" Perez (27-9-1, 21 KOs) to a majority decision win. No scores were announced.

The fight was a classic clash of styles. Shorter, stockier but more muscular and hard-hitting Perez pressed action against taller but less powerful Chirkov, who mostly worked on the outside. Perez landed a number of meaningful blows during the fight but Chirkov took them well. The Russian landed more but his punches weren't felt that well as opposed to Perez's offensive. Chirkov moved better but Perez's experience allowed him to catch Chirkov on occasion with solid, damaging blows. The Venezuelan tried to use body-punching but its effect was low, as Chirkov - despite some marks on his face - was fresh and fast up until the final bell.

Chirkov hadn't fought anyone with more than five wins to his record before Perez. It was a very valuable experience for him. The Venezuelan is now 3(2)-7(3)-1 while fighting abroad.