The fame of newly crowned undisputed world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk is rapidly growing.

Having dethroned WBC champion Tyson Fury last month, and promptly agreed to a rematch on December 21, Hollywood has come calling.

Usyk has been cast alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the upcoming movie The Smashing Machine.

The film is about the life and times of MMA great Mark Kerr, and the Ukrainian star will play the role of another MMA icon – Igor Vovchanchyn.

Taking to Instagram to confirm the news, Johnson wrote: “Don’t break my jaw champ. An honor to have the newly crowned undisputed heavyweight champion of the world @usykaa join our cast of ‘The Smashing Machine’.

“Usyk will play the role of Igor Vovchanchyn – the real life Ukrainian MMA legend who had legendary fights during the extreme no hold barred era of Mixed Martial Arts and one historic fight against the Smashing Machine himself, Mark Kerr.

“I have huge respect for Oleksandr Usyk and it will be my honor to share the ring with him – as he knocks my jaw into next week.

“Looking forward to working with you my brother.

“The Smashing Machine, written & directed by Benny Safdie.”