According to UFC President Dana White - the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor mega-bout from August has broken the global pay-per-view record.

The recordholder is Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao from May 2015,which has a global pay-per-view record of 5.5 million.

“We broke the record,” White told The Wall Street Journal. “The thing ended up doing 6.7 million pay-per-view buys globally. How about this: we broke the record in Australia; we broke the record in the U.K., at four in the morning, four in the morning, we broke the pay-per-view record; broke the record in Spain, Canada, and the United States.”

There were numerous reports confirming that Mayweather-McGregor broke the UK pay-per-view record, with over 1 million buys.

In the United States, it fell short of the Mayweather-Pacquiao record of 4.6 million. reported several weeks ago that Mayweather-McGregor will likely come down at 4.4 million.

Mayweather Promotions claimed to have broken the all-time gate record in Las Vegas. It did become the second highest gate in Las Vegas history with $55.4 million at T-Mobile Arena, but fell way short of the Mayweather-Pacquiao record of $72.1 million at MGM Grand. 

The pay-per-view, with today's technology, was also illegally streamed by millions all over the world.

“We broke that record too. Most pirated fight of all time. That’s another record we broke,” White said.

And the fight created a gambling frenzy like never seen before in Las Vegas.

“It was the highest betting fight ever in the history of Las Vegas… highest betting sporting event. Bigger than the Super Bowl,” White said.

40 year old Mayweather was snapping a two year retirement, after walking away from the sport in September 2015. McGregor, the biggest superstar in the UFC and MMA in general, was making his pro debut as a boxer. Despite a very good start in the early rounds, McGregor faded badly down the stretch and was stopped in the tenth round.