Unbeaten heavyweight prospect Johnny Fisher has been sparring with WBC world champion Tyson Fury - and he indicates that the 'Gypsy King' will once again overcome Deontay Wilder.

Fury is preparing for a scheduled trilogy fight with Wilder on October 9th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Back in February 2020, Fury scored two knockdowns before eventually stopping Wilder in the seventh round.

Fisher detailed his difficult sparring sessions with the unbeaten champion.

"He is long and elusive but always stays on you. He has this way of pressuring you without doing too much work just through his sheer size, his build, his anatomy," Fisher told Sky Sports.

"The pressure, the skill, the punch output, the angles he throws his hands from are not like a conventional heavyweight. He is the whole package - he can move, he can box, he can punch, he's strong, he has the brain, the height and the reach. He is a nightmare to spar!

"It is unbelievable to share the ring with Tyson. He has a ring craft like nobody I've ever seen. I'm holding my own. But he is a different level, obviously. He is levels and levels above what I'm doing, at the minute. But this is how you get better. You spar people at the pinnacle, and you can't get anyone better than Fury. To do some rounds with him is great for my development. There is healthy competition in his gym. That's how everyone gets better and keeps improving."

Fisher has a lot of respect for Wilder's punching power, but he doesn't see any reason why Fury wouldn't claim victory in the third encounter.

"Wilder is the most dangerous puncher who has ever lived but, after seeing what Fury did to him last time, I can't see why he wouldn't do that again. On Fury's day, he is the most talented boxer in the world with the best skill-set," Fisher said.