Tyson Fury’s inability to enter the United States is hampering his ability to earn extravagant paydays from the WWE, according to a report from The Sun.

The WBC heavyweight titlist from Manchester, England, could stand to rake in a few million dollars from the veteran wrestling organization but those chances now "appear slim”, The Sun said, because Fury is having trouble getting clearance to enter America, where many of the WWE’s events are held. Many believe Fury’s visa’s difficulties are connected to Daniel Kinahan, the alleged Irish cartel boss whom Fury has publicly praised as a friend and advisor.

In April, the US Department of Treasury levied sanctions on Kinahan and several of his associates and barred them from entering the US. The Treasury is offering a $5 million award for anybody who offers information leading to the arrest or conviction of Kinahan, et al. Several outlets have reported that the number of Kinahan-related people barred from the US is in the neighborhood of 600, including hundreds involved in boxing.

One of them also appears to be Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s younger brother. Tommy had a planned fight with Jake Paul scheduled earlier this year but it had to be cancelled after Tommy was unable to get past customs. Tommy, however, does not seem to have any ostensible links with Kinahan.

According to The Sun, the WWE had events for 2023 all lined up for Fury to feature in, but those plans are looking increasingly unlikely, despite all the legal muscle from the WWE and Fury’s team. The WWE, The Sun reported, were originally looking to bring Fury in for a show in San Antonio in January and a show in Los Angeles in April.

“Tyson and the legal team or getting this whole grey and tricky area resolved,” a source for The Sun is quoted as saying. “But non-entry, quite simply put, means non-payment.

“The legal team are on the sidelines offering support in this matter,” the source continued, “but ultimately getting approval is on Tyson's head and how US immigration assesses his case.”

The Sun pointed out that Fury could still be able to cash in on WWE events that take place outside of the US. In recent years, the WWE has staged events in the Middle East. Fury, in fact, made his WWE debut in 2019 against Braun Strowman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.