WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has backed one of his undefeated sparring partners, 26-year-old David Adeleye, as the future king of the weight class.

Fury is preparing for his scheduled return on December 3, when he faces veteran Derek Chisora in a trilogy fight at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The 'Gypsy King' has used Adeleye for several of his training camps - including the last two fights with Deontay Wilder.

“David Adeleye is the future of this division. I told him the other night in the changing rooms, I said, ‘You’ve got believe in yourself Dave, because you’re going to take over the division, mate.' And he’s great sparring, very very good sparring. If he was no good to me, then I wouldn’t bring him into my training camps," Fury told BT Sport's Chatterbox:

"But he gives excellent work, so I keep bringing him in – ever since the second Wilder fight. I keep bringing him in time and time again. He keeps learning, keeps listening and he can be the next Lancaster Bomber I think for sure.”

Fury uses Adeleye so much, that even inured the young boxer's name on one of his vehicles.

"I've been here for so long now, I mean ask Tyson I've been insured on his car for the last three years. Even when I'm not up there I'm insured on his car so I give him a text, 'Tyson, can I get the car?' He gives me his car, 'Dave, are you still insured on it?' I'm like, 'Yeah, we're still on the insurance.' But yeah, you kind of get used to it and you're always learning, like I said I'm like a sponge," Adeleye said.

"I go there, I sit down and observe everyone and any questions I do have I just ask and get the answers."