Trainer Gerald Tucker, who has worked with Floyd Mayweather, Tyron Woodley and others, believes former four division world champion Adrien Broner is still capable of being a top player.

The 32-year-old Broner has not been very active in the last few years - with only three fights in the last four years.

He returned to the ring in February 2021, with a tough decision win over Jovanie Santiago. It was Broner's first bout since losing a decision to Manny Pacquiao in January 2019.

Tucker would like to see Broner have a few mid-level fights before facing a world-level opponent.

“Maybe two or three fights, gradually increasing the competition-level fight by fight. But once he’s on track, he knows and his trainers know if he’s doing everything in his power to be the best him, he’ll be more than ready for whoever," Tucker told The Sun.

“He’s up there, he still has a crazy ring IQ, crazy speed, he hits heavier than some super-middleweights. He just needs to do a couple of things to put it all together and bring it out. All I can do is help him realize there’s a switch he needs to get in his head for him to be able to activate the best version of himself.” 

Despite his inactivity, Broner has been targeted by several fighters - including 25-year-old rising welterweight contender Conor Benn of the UK.

Tucker is shaking his head at boxers who are trying to face Broner when he's still trying to rebuild himself.

“People that call him out right now, to me that’s weak. That’s weak of them to want to fight someone that’s kind of down and beating themselves. That’s weak, so me myself, I wouldn’t even respond or reply to those guys. Adrien needs a couple fights, getting back," Tucker said.