By Victor Salazar

New York - On October 5th live on DAZN, Gennadiy Golovkin (39-1-1, 35 KO’s) will make an attempt at a second title run against top middleweight challenger Sergey Derevyanchenko (13-1, 10 KO’s). Golovkin will be looking to establish another run at 160 while Derevyanchenko will be looking to win his first world title when the two come together in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Derevyanchenko has returned to his longtime trainer Andre Rozier.

Rozier knows that Derevyanchenko is capable of bringing the fight to Golovkin if he can establish his jab.

“We’re working very hard for Sergey’s jab to be finite,” Rozier told “He’s going to be jabbing up down around outside the ring post outside the ring post, wherever a jab can be landed, that’s where he’s going to be throwing. We’re going to make sure that his defensive circle at an all-time crispness. He’s going to give angles and make Golovkin uncomfortable.”

Rozier admits that Golovkin is a forced to be reckon with when he's moving forward but feels the way to beat Golovkin is to have him fight off his back foot.

“You have to back GGG up,” stated the trainer. "He does not do well backing up. It has not changed and it won’t change even now with a new trainer in Johnathan Banks who’s like family to me. We are going angle him back him up. It’s going to be like a hammerhead shark working off angles.”

Rozier has been across the ring two other times with Golovkin and both times has been on the losing end. But he feels Derevyanchenko will triumph where his other fighters Curtis Stevens (30-7, 22 KO’s) and Daniel Jacobs (35-3, 29 KO’s) couldn’t and that’s because he listens.

“If I tell you to double your jab or keep circling or stay off the ropes, and you don’t do that, it means you’re not listening and if you don’t listen that means we’re not going to be victorious,” explained Rozier. “Sergey doesn’t have an issue. He listens and I think that’s the reason why I think we’ll be victorious and why it will be the difference. If I tell him to not be on the ropes, change directions, He will do that.”

Rozier went onto admit had he been in Derevyanchenko corner the night of the Jacobs fight, Derevyanchenko would have been victorious.

“I think we would be undefeated. If I was with Sergey against Danny, we would have won that fight because I was in the corner.”