KSI and Tommy Fury will go toe to toe in a crossover boxing battle this autumn. The fight will be carried on DAZN PPV.

The two rivals collide at a MF & DAZN: X Series event which lands at the AO Arena in Manchester, on Saturday, October 14.

Logan Paul will fight in the other half of the double main event, with his opponent to be revealed in the coming days.

Security had to pull KSI and Fury apart when they came face-to-face at X Series 007 but this October, in association with Prime, Stake and Kick, will see them go at it in the ring proving, once and for all, who is the top dog in the crossover scene.

Fury, the unbeaten professional boxer who saw off Jake Paul in his last fight, has vowed to humble KSI.

But 'The Nightmare' has other ideas with KSI desperate to inflict a first defeat on Fury, showing Jake Paul how it's done.

KSI said: "I came back to boxing to show the world the crazy levels I'm at. I've shown through obliterating all my past opponents that I am the best in this scene.

"KO after KO has now led me to the toughest fight in the influencer boxing scene. I'm fighting Tommy Fury. The man that defeated the once undefeated Jake Paul is now my opponent and I can't wait to silence all the doubters that believe I have no chance. After this fight, you'll understand that I truly am that guy."

Tommy Fury said: "I've already beaten Jake Paul and so all that is left for me to do is send this man to sleep. I'll do that inside four rounds. This is easy money."

Kalle Sauerland, Co-President of Misfits Boxing said: "In Manchester, on October 14, Misfits Boxing delivers the mother of all nights in crossover boxing. This will melt the internet and around the world receive viewing figures the likes of which have never been seen before in this space.

"Hold onto your hats, because this is going be absolutely mind-blowing."

"We are incredibly excited to add another huge event to the DAZN schedule in 2023,"said Joe Markowski, CEO of DAZN North America.

"Two of the biggest names in the world of crossover boxing collide in a domestic matchup for the ages. Do not miss this fight. Watch it live worldwide on DAZN and DAZN PPV."