It wasn’t that long ago when Gennadiy Golovkin terrorized the middleweight division. Those who thought they could beat him were often given a harsh dose of reality once they woke up in their local hospital.

The highlight reels of Golovkin are about as violent as you can get. The bloody faces of Gabe Rosado and David Lemieux are forever burned into our memory banks. In addition to head-turning knockouts, Golovkin was one of the most active champions around, routinely fighting at least three times a year.

Lately, however, the former Olympic silver medalist has seemingly vanished. When last seen, the now 41-year-old was attempting to do his best to wipe the slate clean with Canelo Alvarez. But, unfortunately for Golovkin, he’ll have to live with two losses being saddled to his record at the hands of the pound-for-pound star.

Still, despite coming up short, Golovkin promised to drop back down in weight and defend his middleweight titles. Ultimately, the future Hall of Famer's words were mendacious. Just a few months after making his promise, he dropped both of trinkets and hasn’t said much of anything in regards to his future plans.

Tom Loeffler, Golovkin’s longtime promoter, is also being kept in the dark. Although they still communicate regularly, Loeffler recently revealed that boxing has been the furthest thing from their conversations.

All in all, Golovkin is a made man. Once he formally announces his retirement, he’ll eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also, and possibly more importantly, Golovkin, his children, his children’s children and so on - will never have to work another day in their lives. With everything he’s done, Loeffler can’t find a single reason why he should come back, but he did leave the door open.

“GGG has definitely accomplished all he needs to accomplish in the ring,” Loeffler told “Financially he’s set. It’s really up to him.”