Rising junior middleweight star Tim Tszyu (17-0, 13 KOs), 26-years-old, rolled his eyes at the recent challenge from Michael Zerafa (28-4, 17 KOs).

Earlier this month, Zerafa blew away former world champion Anthony Mundine in a single round. The 45-year-old Mundine retired in the aftermath.

In the aftermath, he dared Tszyu to "stop running" and accept his challenge.

Back in December, after Tszyu easily demolished Bowyn Morgan, Zerafa confronted him as they momentarily traded words.

 According to Tszyu, he paid no attention to Zerafa's last fight and felt the contest should have never taken place.

“I couldn’t even watch it. I thought it was ethically not acceptable to watch, because there’s only one thing that’s going to happen," Tszyu told Fox Sports.

Tszyu will return to the ring on March 31, when he faces world title challenger Dennis Hogan in Newcastle.

He believes Zefara is trying to talk his way into a lucrative opportunity - but also says his rival hasn't done anything to earn the right.

“I find the whole thing about him is he’s trying to do a circus. He’s trying to gain media attention. If it wasn’t for me, who’s he going to fight? He sees himself as this A-class fighter and a pay-per-view fighter and in reality he’s not. He’s trying to use his mouth to get the fight," Tszyu told AAP.

“If there’s nothing else on the table, then we’ll pursue that. You don’t get an opportunity by beating a 47-year-old grandfather. Let’s just say that. I’ve got top-10 options that I’m going for. The world title opportunities, the Liam Smiths, the Kurbanovs, the Danny Garcias, they’re the boys I want. They’re the big boys in the division that I want to play with.

“We got offered the Mundine fight and I said straight away it’s not happening. It’s disrespectful for Mundine. He’s a grandfather, he’s 47 years old. Who does that? There’s a time when just enough’s enough.”