Former two division world champion Timothy Bradley is backing Jesse 'Bam' Rodriguez to defeat Sunny Edwards when the unbeaten boxers stake their belts in a high-stakes unification.

The IBF, WBO flyweight unification takes place on Saturday night at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Rodriguez is the much bigger puncher, but Edwards has the edge in speed and quick movements.

Edwards has experience in dealing with big punchers, as he did with former world champion Felix Alvarado in November of 2022. Alvarado, who has 34 knockouts in 39 wins, was frustrated during the bout when dealing with Edwards quick hands and feet.

To slow Edwards down, Bradley would urge Rodriguez to go to the body. 

"It is crucial for Rodriguez to use jabs, feints, or probes to maneuver into a position that forces Edwards to react and take advantage of the exposed target, going to Edwards's body in order to slow him down. Edwards fluidly switches between a southpaw and orthodox stance as he advances or retreats, so anticipating his counters, staying low, and slipping under his punches will prompt Edwards to attempt an uppercut from an unfavorable position, thus leaving himself open for one of Rodriguez's powerful sweeping backhands upstairs," Bradley told ESPN.

It won't be easy, says Bradley, but he retired boxer believes Rodriguez will certainly get tested in a very rough victory.

"This fight will go back and forth with action, each champion inflicting damage. In spots, it will get ugly because Edwards will look to tie up Rodriguez when he has not garnered the space needed for him to be in his element. Edwards' lack of punching power will forge Rodriguez forward even more, delivering more presents for Sunny like good old Saint Nick. I see a victory for Rodriguez in an ugly, hard fight," Bradley said.