LAS VEGAS, NV - During a recent trip to the West Coast, former welterweight world champion Keith Thurman spoke to and other media outlets on a variety of topics including the upcoming Canelo Alvarez-Caleb Plant showdown. They will clash on November 6th in Las Vegas, the main event of a Showtime pay-per-view card. 

Canelo, who holds the WBA, WBC and WBO super middleweight titles, is a sizable favorite over Plant who is the IBF super middleweight belt holder. The winner will emerge as the first undisputed super middleweight champion. 

The two fighters clashed at last week's kick-off press conference, which saw Canelo and Plant get physical before being pulled apart.

Thurman loves the matchup and went over the keys to Plant pulling off the upset. 

"The thing about Canelo is even with that step back, he is still a pressure fighter. He is still just waiting to drop that power shot, hit you with that body shot, hit you with that uppercut. He is a legitimate power puncher. One of the biggest keys to victory is do not get caught by that power,” said Thurman. 

“Look, I love the matchup. I love so many matchups that are happening now. I think the sport is coming back to almost that heyday kind of energy. I think the (Floyd) Mayweather stuff is over, staying undefeated. It is going to be more back to that mma stuff. You win some and you lose some and you get back in the ring and do it again. Great champions, they fall and rise back to the top. Just like other sports, it is any given Sunday.”

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