There was plenty of back and forth as the fighters went head to head at the final press conference before Saturday's Thor Bjornsson vs. Devon Larratt event.

Thor takes on Larratt in the main event of a stacked card at Sport Society in Dubai this weekend, which will be broadcast live on CoreSports.World.

The final press conference took place today, with Thor and Larratt speaking to the media ahead of their highly-anticipated battle this weekend.

Heavyweight sensation Martin Bakole is also on the bill, as he returns to action after almost a year to take on Haruna Osumanu, while CrossFit rivals Josh Bridges and Jacob Heppner will finally settle their differences, as they collide in a much-talked about grudge match.

Two of the most popular females in combat sports have respective bouts, as undefeated star Avril Mathie meets fellow unbeaten fighter Jesca Mfinanga, while world-record-holding powerlifter Stefi Cohen meets Marcela Nieto, plus Anthony de Bruijin faces Giorgi Gachechiladze.

Here's everything that was said at today's press conference ahead of Saturday's massive event...

Bjornsson: "I have no clue what is going through Devon's mind, and I don't really care. I have huge respect for him for taking this fight and won't underestimate him. For him to come here and accept the fight on five weeks' notice is already winning for him.

"It's hard to trash talk someone that accepts a fight with five weeks to go, so I like him, but I'll beat his ass. I'll probably break his nose, so I'm sorry, but that's just my job.

"Every experience I have helps me. I can already feel in boxing that my background from other sports is helping me a lot with this new journey, and helping me get ready for fight night.

"I remember when I was younger I'd be super nervous and before competition I would pee every two minutes, it would happen all the time. The older I got, the better and less nervous I got, and that has helped me a lot.

"Eddie Hall seeing all of my fights doesn't give him any advantage at all. I don't care how much he sees of me, as actual competition gives you a much better experience than hiding behind closed doors. He can hide and work out in his garage, that's fine, but when we fight I'll knock him out.

"I want to focus on Devon as he's my rival and my enemy right now, and after I finish him I'll take care of the next one. I give it my best every single day. I've not seen my family for more than seven weeks, and that's how serious I'm taking this."

Larratt: "A satisfactory outcome is something I can walk away from knowing that my heart and spirit was properly expressed. If I can walk in and feel like at the end of the fight that I fought bravely and was able to hold onto what I learned over the last four weeks, I'll be happy.

"I want a battle scar, I feel that would be a terrible thing not to walk away with. For the first two minutes who knows what I'm capable of. I feel like I got dropped in the middle of the jungle and I'm fighting my way through it.

"This is a massive step into the unknown, and every time I've sparred they've made it harder and harder, but I'm no stranger to competition and I've fought in all sorts of different sports.

"I have massive appreciation for the boxing game. They are ridiculously high level athletes. Thor has more experience but I know as you need in a fight is one shot, so get ready for it. Thor's nose will blow up. If he breaks my nose, I'll give him 500 dollars, but if I break his nose, I want 5000 dollars from him!"

Bridges: "There is a little anxiety, nerves and excitement. It's like when you remember being a kid and you'd be called out and you say we'll fight after school by a tree. You have all day those feelings, so this is like that but drawn out over six months.

"We're both professional athletes. Me and Jacob are friends so there is no ill will towards him, but I have taken this very seriously and for 18 minutes I'll hate Jacob and will enjoy punching him in the face."