UFC legend Georges St-Pierre is still very much open to the idea of having a boxing match in the future.

He was involved in negotiations to box a comebacking Oscar De La Hoya, but those discussions fell apart when UFC president Dana White blocked the fight.

Although he's been retired since 2019, St-Pierre is still under a valid UFC contract.

Once that contract expires, St-Pierre is willing to enter the boxing ring.

De La Hoya, 48-years-old, will now face another MMA legend, Vitor Belfort, on September 11 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

“I’m cheering for Vitor, Vitor is a friend of mine. But if something happens and maybe Oscar wins, or something happens like that, maybe I’ll get Oscar after. We’ll see. I’m still under contract for, I think, another year or two with UFC. But I’m not going nowhere. If the idea interests me still when I’ll be 41 or 42, maybe I’ll jump back in it,” St-Pierre told the MMA Hour.

St-Pierre previously explained that White rejected the idea because of the event being backed by the Triller app - and the UFC head honcho was not interested in having Triller making money on the back of a UFC fighter.

“At first he says to me that the reason why he did not want it is because he thought that Oscar would basically destroy me in a boxing match," St-Pierre said.

“And at first he refused. Then he thought about it but he came back with the argument that, oh, no, it’s not because he thinks Oscar is going to win; he thinks it’s because he doesn’t like the fact that Triller takes me and makes money off my back while I’m still under contract with UFC."