Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre has revealed the rules for a proposed boxing match with six division world champion Oscar De La Hoya.

The 48-year-old De La Hoya, retired since suffering a stoppage loss at the hands of Manny Pacquiao in 2008, is looking to return to the ring on a date in September.

The comeback is being financially backed by the Triller app.

Triller made an attempt to secure St-Pierre for the fight - but the fight was shot down by UFC President Dana White.

Although St-Pierre, 40-years-old, is retired from MMA - he remains under contract with the UFC.

In order to compete for a company outside of the UFC, St-Pierre needed to secure permission from White.

One of the big fears for the UFC, was the possibility of having one of their greatest fighters demolished by a comebacking boxer who is nearly 50-years-old.

But St-Pierre explains that there were proposed rules for the exhibition contest to make it a lot safer for him.

“The problem with UFC, it’s a really serious sport that you can be really badly damaged. In boxing there are ways of tweaking it. For example, I was offered to have a fight with Oscar De La Hoya, but the rules were different because we were both retired,” St-Pierre told MMA Joe.

“It would’ve been bigger gloves, two-minute rounds, eight rounds. So the terms were different to accommodate, to make it more like a show. It’s less dangerous. Part of the profit, part of our purses would have been given to a charity. Unfortunately it did not happen, but it would have been fun.

“It’s a different form of entertainment, and with boxing you can tweak it like this — you can change the gloves — in MMA you can’t really do that.”