Everything was coming together for Errol Spence Jr. Things just took a bit longer than he was anticipating. Beating Yordenis Ugas allowed Spence to pick up the WBA welterweight title. The final piece, of course, remained in the possession of Terence Crawford.

For as determined as Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) is inside the ring, he was just as dogmatic outside of it. As the two engaged in negotiations, Spence’s patience began wearing thin. The unified champ wouldn’t reveal every demand that Crawford made but for the most part, Spence believed that many of them were simply unreasonable.

In the end, Spence, reluctantly, acquiesced to several of Crawford’s demands. While he didn’t list them all, Spence did concede that one, in particular, was a bit perplexing.

“We gotta flip a coin to see who’s gonna walk last,” said a vexed Spence to a group of reporters.

Since establishing himself, Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) has always entered the ring last. So has Spence. This time around, with all of the welterweight marbles on the line, one of those traditions will be broken.

Giving up more than he wanted in order to make arguably the biggest fight in boxing was well worth it from Spence’s point of view. For countless years now, the Dallas resident has stated that his lone goal is to become the undisputed champion at 147 pounds. On July 29th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Spence will be given that opportunity.

At this stage, what’s done is done. Meaning, Spence isn’t sweating the minutia of their deal. With that said, Spence is undeniably the A side in their clash. That distinction, nevertheless, makes Crawford’s need to flip a coin in order to determine who enters the ring last, even more confusing to Spence.

“Even though I’m the A side, we gotta flip a coin.”