Efe Ajagba looks the part. He stands tall at 6’6,” and has shown the ability to turn out his opponent's lights within the blink of an eye. Outside of his power, Ajagba simply looks like a fighter. Not only does he often tower over his foes but his muscles protrude from practically every part of his body. With that said, looking the part is one thing, but performing in the ring is something else entirely.

Shawn Porter has done his best to be patient with the heavyweight contender. The 29-year-old picked up the sport at a relatively young age at about 17. So, naturally, there are a few growing pains.

Although he’s tried, Ajagba just isn’t progressing at the speed that Porter would like. As the former two-time welterweight champ took a long look at Ajagba’s overall skills, he was left underwhelmed and unimpressed.

“You can’t be that big, that tall, been fighting this long now and you ain’t got no jab,” said Porter on The Porter Way Podcast. “You ain’t got no right hand. You have such terrible accuracy that just to find a target, now you're taking all the stuff off of your punches.”

Simply put, Porter believes that the heavyweight contender's skills are a bit too rudimentary. Be that as it may, his somewhat limited skill set, along with his jaw-dropping power, hasn’t failed him yet. Outside of his wide unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Frank Sanchez in 2021, Ajagba has dominated the competition. In his last two outings, he managed to beat a pair of undefeated fighters in Stephan Shaw and Zhan Kossobutskiy.

Porter though, is apathetic towards Ajagba’s career. The retired former champ tried his best to care but at this stage, whenever the 29-year-old pops up on his television screen, Porter quickly grabs the remote and finds something else to watch.

“I’m over Efe Ajagba. I don’t got time for somebody who don’t know how to punch and don’t know how to box. You been boxing too long.”