There was a confident look on the face of Errol Spence Jr. whenever Terence Crawford’s name was brought up in conversations. Sure the Omaha, Nebraska, native has easily walked through everyone he’s faced but Spence was a different animal. Even after agreeing to face Crawford on July 29th, Spence claimed that his fellow welterweight champ was in for a long and painful night. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

To a certain degree, Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) was right. Nevertheless, it was the powerful southpaw who was on the receiving end of a savage beating. Following a close first round, Crawford took complete control. He dropped Spence in the second and seventh, evaded what was coming in his direction, and eventually finished him off in the ninth round.

Spence’s face told the story. He was bruised, bloody, had both of his eyes nearly closed shut, and had lumps protruding everywhere. Still, despite the hell Crawford put him through, Spence revealed that he plans on activating his immediate rematch clause.

News of Spence’s plans has been met with a loud chorus of no’s. Shawn Porter, however, doesn't have a dubious attitude toward his decision.

“I’m an advocate for the rematch,” Porter told TMZ Sports. “I believe wholeheartedly in Errol Spence Jr.”

There’s a caveat with Spence’s rematch hopes. Ultimately, the former unified champ is crossing his fingers and praying that Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) will allow them to face off one division higher at 154 pounds.

Handing his body a reprieve is what Spence believes he needs more than anything else. Porter, who came up short against both Spence and Crawford, hasn’t quite wrapped his head around what he just witnessed.

At his best, Spence is sturdy and determined. Yet, it’s ostensible that squeezing down to the 147-pound limit isn’t enjoyable. From Porter’s point of view, if Crawford acquiesces to Spence’s weight request, part two could play out entirely differently.

“Errol Spence has the ability to make adjustments. He has the ability to come in stronger, especially at 154. And mentally, he’s strong. I think that this is now just a wrinkle on his career and I think he wants to fix that wrinkle.”