Former two division world champion Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez has continued to train hard for his next fight, which is being targeted for a date near the end of April.

Last year, Martinez, nearly 46-years-old, returned to the sport after being retired since 2014.

The goal for Martinez is a showdown with WBA middleweight champion Ryota Murata of Japan.

Martinez picked up two wins in 2020 and has already secured a number five ranking in the WBA's top ten at 160-pounds.

Earlier this month, Murata, who was the WBA's "regular" champion at the weight, was given a promotion.

Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez vacated his 'super' title at 160 - which allowed Murata to take over the 'super' title position.

Muarata's world title bump has not changed Martinez's plan to target the WBA belt.

"For me, Murata doesn't change anything. I have to keep working in the same way. I have to keep improving, making my way, accumulating ring time, gaining experience. When I feel ready to to go for the title, I do not know if Murata will continue to be the champion. I do not know," Martinez told Télam.

"I must follow my path as if nothing had happened. Make a fight in April, another between June and August, win both and see where I stand. The most important thing is to feel that I have earned the chance at a title. Afterwards we will see who the champion is by then.

"My coach Tinín Rodríguez and my physical trainer David Navarro had ordered me to rest a little more. I started out soft and little by little I worked more and more intensely. The truth is that I am training very well... without major inconveniences. I already know what I have to do. I have my shadow boxing and bag work, which is of good quality. I also do physical work without problems. What I don't do is mitts or have sparring, for that we will have to wait."

After 58 pro outings, "Maravilla" has accumulated a record of 53 wins (30 of them before the limit), two draws and three defeats.