Seniesa Estrada (22-0) has very big plans for 2023. 

However, she must first defeat Jazmin Gala Villarino (6-1-2) on Saturday night. The fight takes place at the Palms Casino Resort in the chief supporting bout underneath the Janibek Alimkhanuly-Denzel Bentley main event and her WBA world minimum title will be at stake. Both fights will be televised by ESPN. 

Women’s boxing has been on a roll this year, with several high profile bouts living up to the hype. Estrada hopes to continue the momentum. 

“There are a lot of us who are so skilled and put on entertaining fights. Not everyone is a fan of women’s boxing but there are many people who weren’t women's boxing fans before who now are fans,” said Estrada. 

This will be her first fight under the Top Rank/ESPN banner and she is very excited at the exposure she is receiving. 

“I always noticed everything they did with (former champion) Mikaela (Mayer) and her career and I felt like it was the perfect place for me. They did such a good job promoting and giving her that push and taking the risk with her career,” Estrada told 

If everything goes as planned on Saturday night, Estrada revealed that she plans on two unification bouts to start off 2023 before moving back up to 108 pounds where she also holds the WBO light flyweight title. 

“After this fight I plan on coming back in February or March to start unifying titles. I have lined up the WBC champion (Christina Rupprecht) and Yokasta Valle (WBO/IBF champion) and then I will go back up to 108 to unify titles again to finish off the year,” Estrada explained. 

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