Undisputed Lightweight Title

Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko

May 20
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MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The event will be carried by ESPN Pay-Per-View.

5/21/2023, 12:45:55 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 15

116-112, 115-113 and 115- for Haney - who retains his undisputed crown. Heavy boos from the live crowd, who felt Lomachenko pulled it out.

5/21/2023, 12:40:38 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 14

The fight is now over. Scores are coming up. The twelfth round was very close. Haney boxed well, and was going to the body. Lomachenko had his moments as well.

5/21/2023, 12:36:01 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 13

Another big round for Lomachenko in the eleventh, who connected with numerous solid punches on Haney. There was little coming from Haney in return.

5/21/2023, 12:31:41 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 12

A big tenth round for Lomachenko, who landed the most telling punches and seemed to stun Haney with a combination.

5/21/2023, 12:27:52 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 11

Haney with his mouth wide open in the ninth, seems to be a little tired, with Lomachenko connecting with the better punches during exchanges.

5/21/2023, 12:23:37 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 10

Haney boxed well and did more work in a close eight round.

5/21/2023, 12:19:36 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 9

A very tight seventh round. Both had their moments with connected punches.

5/21/2023, 12:15:49 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 8

Haney landing solid body shots all fight, including several in the sixth round. Haney holds Lomachenko the moment he begins to let offense loose.

5/21/2023, 12:11:47 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 7

In the fifth, Haney continues to box well in a very competitive fight and using his size and length to control spots.

5/21/2023, 12:07:25 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 8

Haney boxed well of the backfoot in the fourth, landing the more effective punches.

5/21/2023, 12:03:23 AM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 7

The third had Haney controlling thing with the jab for most of the round, until Lomachenko exploded with several solid punches in the final minute

5/20/2023, 11:58:57 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 6

Another close round in the second. Lomachenko starting faster than usual and throwing in combinations.

5/20/2023, 11:54:57 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 5

A chess match in the first round. Both had minor moments of success.

5/20/2023, 11:45:20 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 4

Haney coming down to the ring and receiving a mixed reaction from the arena crowd.

5/20/2023, 11:42:04 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 3

Lomachenko is now coming down to the ring and receiving a big reaction from the arena crowd.

5/20/2023, 11:37:11 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 2

The national anthems were sung for America and Ukraine. The ring walks are coming up next.

5/20/2023, 11:28:23 PM EDT

Haney-Lomachenko - Update 1

The main event is up next - Devin Haney vs. Vasiliy Lomachenko for the undisputed lightweight championship.

5/20/2023, 11:25:17 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 7

The scores were 98-91, 98-92 and 97-93 for Oscar Valdez.

5/20/2023, 11:22:05 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 6

Ten rounds are over, Valdez nearly finished off Lopez in the final round. Lopez got hurt badly from a combination in the closing moments, but managed to survive until the bell. Scores are coming up.

5/20/2023, 11:13:07 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 5

Through eight rounds, Valdez in full control with the bigger and more eye-catching punches. Lopez is game and moving well around the ring.

5/20/2023, 11:03:13 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 4

Through five rounds, Valdez is connecting with a lot of big shots. Lopez taking them, boxing well in spots, but losing every round.

5/20/2023, 10:53:08 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 3

An exchange of punches during the third round. Lopez standing his ground often, but eating leather for his trouble.

5/20/2023, 10:46:40 PM EDT

Valdez-Lopez Rematch - Update 2

Active start to the fight. Both connecting with hard punches through two rounds. Valdez landing better and more often.

5/20/2023, 10:27:44 PM EDT

Oscar Valdez vs. Adam Lopez Rematch - Update 1

The co-featured rematch between Oscar Valdez and Adam Lopez is up next.

5/20/2023, 10:24:36 PM EDT

Nakathila-Muratalla - Update 2

Two rounds in and the fight is over. Muratalla was landing the better, straighter punches and working off the jab. A series of big shots rocked Nakathila, with the referee jumping in as Muratalla was unloading on Nakathila in the corner.

5/20/2023, 10:20:14 PM EDT

Nakathila-Muratalla - Update 1

The EPSN pay-per-view has opened up with Jeremia Nakathila vs. Raymond Muratalla.