Undisputed Super Middleweight Title

Canelo Alvarez vs John Ryder

May 6
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Akron Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico

The fight will be streamed live around the world on DAZN and DAZN PPV in the U.S & Canada.

5/7/2023, 12:15:49 AM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 15

Canelo Alvarez retains his unified crowd by unanimous decision. The scores were 120-107, 118-109 and 118-109.

5/7/2023, 12:12:21 AM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 14

The fight is over. Ryder held his own during a slow-paced twelfth and final round. Both had moments of success. Ryder closed out well with solid punches.

5/7/2023, 12:07:31 AM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 13

A slow pace to the eleventh. Canelo with the edge in connects. The final round is coming up.

5/7/2023, 12:03:40 AM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 12

A good tenth for Ryder, who used a jab and boxed well against Canelo, who seemed to be slowing down a bit.

5/7/2023, 12:00:03 AM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 11

Ryder was rocked once again during the ninth and seemed to be on the verge of going down. Ryder rallied with a big flurry to get himself out of trouble.

5/6/2023, 11:55:45 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 10

Canelo was landing the right hand often in the eight. Ryder was taking them well, but not throwing enough back in return.

5/6/2023, 11:52:03 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 9

The seventh saw Ryder's nose continue to flow a lot of blood with both boxers soaked. Canelo in control, with Ryder still game and willing to exchange.

5/6/2023, 11:47:36 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 8

Canelo controlled the fight in the sixth. Ryder showed signs of life by landing a few sneaky punches.

5/6/2023, 11:43:43 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 7

Ryder goes down in the fifth from a two-punch combination. Ryder, a bloody mess, was able to weather storm by fighting Canelo off.

5/6/2023, 11:39:15 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 6

Ryder's nose continued to bleed in the fourth. Canelo pressing forward and controlling the action.

5/6/2023, 11:35:39 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 5

Ryder a bloody mess in the third round. Canelo busted his nose, possibly broke it, with a hard straight shot.

5/6/2023, 11:31:39 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 4

More of a technical chess match in the second. Canelo with the edge with his body work in close action.

5/6/2023, 11:27:11 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 3

In the first round, Ryder was aiming to make things rough on the inside. Canelo already targeting the body with big hooks.

5/6/2023, 11:23:02 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 2

Both fighters were announced to the live crowd. The action is about to begin.

5/6/2023, 11:01:25 PM EDT

Canelo-Ryder Update 1

The national anthems for both champion and challenger are up. The ring walks are next.

5/6/2023, 10:41:19 PM EDT

Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder Next Up

Only the main event is up. Canelo defends his undisputed crown against mandatory challenger John Ryder.

5/6/2023, 10:39:47 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 6

The end came in the eleventh. Martinez rocked Batista against the ropes and then pounded him with punches to force the referee to step in and wave it off.

5/6/2023, 10:36:12 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 5

Through ten, Martinez has the edge with the bigger punches and more often he's going on the attack. Batista is still hanging in there, but he's lost the momentum.

5/6/2023, 10:26:07 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 4

In the seventh, Martinez really came on and scored a knockdown. Batista weathered the storm and came back with his own punches. In a weird moment, the knockdown was initially waved off as a slip. It was later changed to an official knockdown by what appeared to be an order from WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

5/6/2023, 10:19:02 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 3

Through six rounds, it's a real fight with Batista giving Martinez a lot of problems. Martinez actually being pushed back by Batista in a close fight.

5/6/2023, 10:11:12 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 2

Through four, Batista was holding his own with some good exchanges with Martinez. At the end of the fourth, Batista lost a point for punching after the bell.

5/6/2023, 10:01:39 PM EDT

Martinez-Batista Update 1

Through two rounds, Batista is holding his own. Martinez being a little wild with his punches.

5/6/2023, 09:42:32 PM EDT

Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Ronal Batista Up Next

The co-feature is coming up, with Julio Cesar Martinez defending the WBC flyweight title against Ronal Batista.

5/6/2023, 09:41:08 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 6

The scores were 96-93 for Valenzuela, 95-94 for Spark, and 95-94 for Valenzuela. The big knockdown in the sixth round was the difference for Valenzuela.

5/6/2023, 09:35:49 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 5

Ten rounds are in the books. Spark seemed to have the edge with the bigger punches down the stretch. Official scores are coming up.

5/6/2023, 09:24:03 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 4

Spark bounces back in the seventh, throwing a lot of punches and rocking Gollaz twice with big power shots.

5/6/2023, 09:20:06 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 3

Through six, Gollaz was being punished in the fifth - but came back to badly hurt and drop Spark in the sixth with a variety of body and head shots. Spark was in trouble when the sixth ended.

5/6/2023, 09:12:33 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 2

Spark has the edge through four rounds with the heavier blows. Gollaz still dangerous and rallied well at the end of the fourth with big shots.

5/6/2023, 09:00:03 PM EDT

Spark-Gollaz Update 1

No feeling out in the first round. Both throwing heavy leather. Spark connecting with the heavier punches and getting the better of exchanges.

5/6/2023, 08:38:26 PM EDT

Steve Spark vs. Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela

Steve Spark vs. Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela at junior welterweight is up next, in a battle of tough punchers.

5/6/2023, 08:36:54 PM EDT

Rodriguez-Mejia - Update 3

The 18-year-old Rodriguez wins a ten round majority decision. In the second half, Rodriguez let his hands go in the last few rounds to buckle the veteran and frustrate him. Mejia never stopped coming. The scores were 95-95, 96-93 and 96-94 for Rodriguez.

5/6/2023, 08:17:25 PM EDT

Rodriguez-Mejia - Update 2

Rodriguez boxing well through six rounds. Mejia, the tough veteran, continues to come forward and is giving the young prospect a very tough test. Rodriguez's nose begins to bleed in the sixth.

5/6/2023, 08:06:04 PM EDT

Rodriguez-Mejia - Update 1

Rodriguez and boxing through three rounds, Mejia trying to stop the movement by targeting the body.

5/6/2023, 07:48:33 PM EDT

Nathan Rodriguez vs. Alexander Mejia

Nathan Rodriguez vs. Alexander Mejia is up next in a battle of featherweights.

5/6/2023, 07:41:47 PM EDT

Gvozdyk-Bolotniks - Update 4

Gvozdyk ends the fight in the sixth. He rocked and dropped Bolotniks with a temple shot. Bolotniks made it up, with a serious cut around his left eye - and the fight was waved off.

5/6/2023, 07:36:10 PM EDT

Gvozdyk-Bolotniks - Update 3

Action heating up in the fourth and fifth. Both began to land more often with head shots. Gvozdyk continues to utilize the jab.

5/6/2023, 07:27:53 PM EDT

Gvozdyk-Bolotniks - Update 2

Bolotniks stepping things up in the third, by targeting the body of Gvozdyk, who continues to move and box.

5/6/2023, 07:22:45 PM EDT

Gvozdyk-Bolotniks - Update 1

Gvozdyk using a jab to control Bolotniks through two rounds.

5/6/2023, 07:13:20 PM EDT

Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Ricards Bolotniks

Former WBC light heavyweight champion Gvozdyk returns against his toughest opponent yet.

5/6/2023, 06:54:28 PM EDT


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