By Radio Rahim

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Ringstar Sports, was very impressed with Saturday night's performance by IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence (25-0, 21 KOs).

Schaefer, who works closely with four division world champion Mikey Garcia, watched his boxer get dominated over twelve rounds by Spence at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas.

Garcia (39-1, 30 KOs), who was moving up by two weight divisions, suffered his first career defeat.

Schaefer believed Garcia was be the more skilled fighter, with Spence holding the edge with size and power.

But instead it was Spence who dominated with his skill.

"He didn't win that fight with size or with power - he won that fight with skills. And we all thought if it came down to skills, Mikey Garcia would be the one to win the fight based on skills. But based on skills, Errol Spence won that fight and it was absolutely beautiful to watch. His combinations and his display of skills, I've hardly seen anything like it," Schaefer said.

Based on what he witnessed, Schaefer now views Spence was the best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

"The new pound for pound king is right here. The best fighter in the world comes from Dallas," Schaefer said.

"Errol Spence is in a perfect weight class, he's in the deepest weight class. There are so many great fights that can be done at welterweight. There are so many great fights, such a long list, and Errol Spence is not afraid to challenge any of them.

"The question is, are the opponents afraid to challenge Errol Spence. He had difficult finding an opponent going into this fight and Mikey Garcia had the balls to stand up and say 'hey, I'm going to challenge you.' And I think with this performance tonight, Errol Spence didn't make it easier on himself to find opponents."