Super middleweight champion Savannah Marshall has a newfound respect for MMA after starting her training in mixed martial arts.

Earlier this year, Marshall signed a promotional agreement with MMA organization PFL.

"For the first time in a long, long time I feel like an absolute novice. For the first time ever I can really, really appreciate MMA," Marshall told Sky Sports. "Hats off to anybody who gets in that cage. It's refreshing. It's nice, it's new and I'm enjoying it.

Marshall is one of the many fighters who was shocked with last Saturday's fight between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and MMA veteran Francis Ngannou.

Fury was dropped in the third round and then fought Ngannou on even terms for the rest of the contest - which saw the heavyweight king barely secure a ten round split decision win over an opponent who was making his pro debut.

Most observers were expecting a one-sided mismatch that would end in a knockout.

Marshall believes Fury underestimated Ngannou and it showed in the ring.

"I think it was a shocker. It was a massive shock. I think Tyson massively underestimated him. I think he massively underperformed. I think Ngannou is a good fighter, a good boxer. But I think his performance wasn't world class, it was just against one of the best in the world who massively underperformed for me," Marshall said.

"I'm under no illusion that I'm an MMA fighter. I'm not. It's an opportunity I've been given and something I'm really, really excited about. If I can go in there and show that I'm an all-round fighter and I can switch sports, it would be brilliant for me. It's hard, it's really, really hard. So fair play to Francis. Because no one gave him a cat in hell's chance."