Ryan Garcia has mostly kept a low profile more than a month after his first professional loss to Gervonta Davis. 

In the fight, Garcia suffered a seventh-round knockout loss due to a debilitating body shot delivered by Davis. 

After the fight, much was made of Garcia following through with his post-fight press conference without then-trainer Joe Goossen or promoter Oscar De La Hoya standing by his side. 

De La Hoya later revealed he was dealing with “death threats” and claimed Golden Boy cohort Bernard Hopkins was banned. Garcia was instead accompanied on stage by his father and co-trainer Henry Garcia, adviser Lupe Valencia, as well as Golden Boy Promotions president Eric Gomez and a Golden Boy public relations official. 

In a candid conversation on fitness influencer Bradley Martyn’s YouTube channel, Garcia opened up about the aftermath surrounding the fight. 

"If I won, I wouldn't have gotten to see it. I lost, I saw everybody leave me. And then I just have to see who's really there for me," said Garcia. "After the fight, nobody was there for me. Like, my team just didn't come to the press conference. Ain't going to do nothing. I was left with somebody who betrayed me in camp. They weren't trying to look out for me after the fight. I was left with that. It was the worst. I had Tank's team really care about me more than my own team. I had God with me the whole way. So I'm going to understand who is there for me.”

After the fight, Mongolian bantamweight and Garcia sparring partner Erdenebat Tsendbaatar emerged as the “mole” in Garcia’s camp. Tsendbaatar apparently had hurt Garcia with a body shot during camp, and information had leaked. 

Garcia has since separated from the Hall of Fame trainer Goossen after a three-fight run and has instead handed the coaching keys to his career to Derrick James, a perennial trainer of the year contender. 

It’s not yet known when Garcia will return to the ring, but earlier this week, he shot down De La Hoya’s proposal for a potential fight against Manny Pacquiao, a fight he once desired. Garcia has named Rolando Romero, Isaac Cruz, and Teofimo Lopez Jr. as his ideal next opponents. 

Garcia also further explained what went wrong during the Davis fight.  

“It's just one of those shots where your body just wants to do it, but you can't. Everything is shutting down. I'm like, 'Why can't I move?' I couldn't really do anything,” said Garcia.

“Everything was drained out of me already though. Imagine you being dehydrated and on top of it you get hit in the liver. It's going to hurt even more. I was going through a lot at that moment. I was just like – f*** – today is not my day. I told [Davis] in the back, 'My legs feel weak, everything feels weak.' Because they didn't let me rehydrate the right way.

“I got impatient. He caught me with a good shot but I learned a lot from the fight. He was the better man that night. But I definitely want to run that back in the future after I rack up some wins. At the right weight, 140, no rehydration clause. I did it for the people this time, but when I come back I'm gonna do it for myself. I'm hungry right now.” 

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