Ryan Garcia will still likely have to explain why banned substance Ostarine appeared in two separate drug tests on April 19 and 20 but subsequent studies from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) could not confirm the presence of 19-Norandrosterone. 

The 25-year-old, who defeated Devin Haney in Brooklyn on April 20, has requested for the B-samples to now be tested. That process is expected to take place on May 22 with Garcia or a representative permitted to attend.

It was reported last week that Garcia had tested positive for the banned substances Ostarine and 19-Norandrosterone, with the latter substance requiring further analysis by VADA via Carbon Isotope Ratio testing. 

The Analysis report, as published by Dan Rafael, concluded that Ostarine was “detected” but 19-Norandrosterone “did not confirm”.

In short, Garcia tested positive for Ostarine on two occasions and, for that, he will be called before the New York Athletic Commission unless the B samples prove different to the A samples. It is possible that Garcia’s points victory will instead become a No Contest on the boxers’ records.

Garcia attempted to use his clearance as a full acquittal, who has accused outside forces of trying to take his victory away from him over the past week.

“So yall realize I didn’t fail the tests now,” he posted on social media. “No substance other than this imaginary ostrich substance... level so low wouldn’t have any effect. THEY TRIED BUT NO LIE STANDS PRAISE GOD.”

Appearing on the Fully Tilted podcast on May 7, Garcia claimed that he would have been in much better shape if he was, in fact, on steroids. 

Garcia added that he had been drinking and smoking Cannabis throughout the entirety of his training camp ahead of facing Haney, claiming he was “high as f***” when he stepped through the ropes to face the WBC super-lightweight title holder.

“If I was on steroids, I would have been in way better shape,” Garcia claimed. “I was literally drinking every day, smoking weed - I did not stop, not even until the f****ng day of the fight. I got in there high as f***, and I beat his ass.”