It never mattered how many times Gervonta Davis warned Ryan Garcia, the widely popular super lightweight contender simply wouldn’t listen.

For years on end, the 25-year-old told all who would listen that he had what it took to not only beat Davis but to make it look incredibly easy. This past April, he was given the opportunity to prove that he wasn’t all talk.

In order to get Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) in the ring, he was forced to acquiesce to a few uncomfortable demands. The biggest hurdle during their conclaves was the weight discrepancy. Having moved up to the 140-pound division, Garcia wasn't interested in moving back down. But, with Davis budging just a smidge, Garcia accepted a 136-pound catchweight. He also agreed to a 10-pound rehydration clause.

It wasn’t what he wanted, but Garcia knew it was the only way to get his man in the ring. The opening round was relatively competitive but Davis took complete control from the second round on.

Garcia (23-1, 19 KOs) was kissing the canvas in the second period. He picked himself up off the mat but Davis began putting it on him. In the seventh, what seemed like an innocuous body blow, turned out to be the fight-ending shot as Garcia was unable to beat the count.

Now, Garcia is attempting to pick up the shattered pieces and carry on. December 2nd is a date he officially has circled on his calendar as Oscar Duarte comes to town. Although his focus is fully on the hard-hitting contender, Garcia went down memory for a moment.

Losing to Davis wasn’t something he enjoyed but Garcia is comforted by a few factors that were out of his control.

“It didn’t shake me on my confidence, not too much,” admitted Garcia to Morning Kombat on the Davis loss. “I didn’t feel like I wasn’t at my best in that fight. That’s why it feels like the loss didn’t sting that bad.”