By Vadim Pushkin

Russian promoter Vladimir Hryunov explained the financial struggles of former four division world champion Roy Jones Jr.

A few days ago, reported some details being discussed overseas, which claim the 46-year-old veteran is facing a tax bill of $3 million in the United States.

Hryunov, as part of his working relationship with Jones, took over the tax obligations - which clears Jones from personally owing any of the money.

Jones became a Russian citizen in September. Earlier this month he was brutally knocked out in four rounds by former  WBO cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli.

"When Roy decided to take Russian citizenship, it became clear that he was facing big tax problems. On September 10 of this year, I flew to the United States, in his hometown of Pensacola, to meet with his lawyer John Wirt. There I signed a letter on his behalf, which guarantees to pay $ 3 million for the debts of Russian citizen Roy Jones, as well as taking care of all of his tax obligations," Hryunov explained to Life Times."

"And this is not an obligation personally to Roy, namely to its creditors. To date, I have paid $1 million. This is a very serious circumstance. Before anyone spreads any rumors, I have stayed in this commitment. After that, he began to live safely and freely. But before that there were constant reminders from collectors who were searching for additional earnings."

Hryunov says Jones made a lot of money during his career, but the majority of his funds were used on business ventures which failed.

"Roy Jones in his time received tens of millions of dollars. He put the money in businesses. A large number of real estate ventures and misallocation of payments led to serious problems. In America, it happens. For example, he spent a lot of money to open his own music studio, but a profitable business did not happen," Hryunov said.