Former four division champion Roy Jones Jr, who works as the head trainer of Chris Eubank Jr, says his fighter is in good spirits after suffering his first stoppage loss.

Last Saturday night in Manchester, Eubank Jr. was knocked out in four rounds by big underdog Liam Smith, who was moving up to the middleweight division.

After three rounds of even warfare, Smith cornered Eubank against the ropes and battered him with a variety of power punches to score a big knockdown. Eubank barely recovered to his feet but was soon dropped for a second time before the fight was waved off. 

At the moment, Eubank appears to be leaning in the direction of exercising his immediate rematch clause.

"To be perfectly honest with you, he's taken it better than I did! Taking it totally better than I did, he was like, 'OK, I guess 50 percent didn't work, I guess I'll come back at 75.' And that's funny because he's still joking, he's still having a good time, so he understands, this is boxing and when you fight the best boxers in the world like that and challenge all comers, this might happen," Jones told IFL TV.

Jones, who at one point in his career appeared to be invincible before suffering a knockout to Antonio Tarver, gave personal advice to Eubank.

"I just told him, 'Hey, it's happens.' We have times in the gym, we have talks in the gym, we have things that we do and until that happens there's certain things it's going to be hard for a coach to say to a fighter," Jones said.

"Like I told him, I'd rather a body shot to a head shot. He say, 'No, I'm the other way round, I'd rather get hit with a head shot than a body shot.' Well, he's never been hurt to the head, so of course he's going to think that. He's not going to say anything different because he's never been down from a head shot. Now, he understands what I mean from that because I've experienced that, now he can see what I was talking about. I don't know if he goes straight back into [a rematch] but I do know he wants it."