On paper, David Morrell would appear to be at the point where he’s considered a prospect, a highly touted one but a prospect nonetheless.

Although he has just 10 fights under his belt, the 25-year-old Cuban believes he’s ready for just about everyone. As of late, his name has been intrinsically linked to David Benavidez, the super middleweight division’s WBC interim champion. A matchup between them is one that Morrell wants immediately.

Ronnie Shields, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind it. However, the renowned trainer is convinced that Benavidez shouldn’t be the only fighter that's being mentioned as a possible opponent for Morrell.

“Not just Benavidez, what about Canelo?” Asked Shields during an interview with BoxingScene.com.

Morrell will soon realize that in order to get a fight with Canelo Alvarez, he’ll have to grab a ticket and head to the back of the line. As the division’s undisputed champion and one of boxing’s cash cows, practically everyone, regardless of their weight class, wants to get their hands on him.

When last seen, the Mexican star was busy putting a beating on Jermell Charlo. The current unified junior middleweight titlist barely fought back, spending most of his time languishing on the ropes while Alvarez continued to beat on him round after round.

Team Morrell watched every second of it. Ultimately, they weren’t quite impressed considering the size discrepancy. Shields is well aware that Morrell is nowhere near Alvarez’s radar, despite being in possession of the WBA’s secondary trinket.

The waiting game can be mundane, but Shields knows good and well that they don’t have much of a choice. Just last weekend, the duo took care of business against Sena Agbeko, knocking him out in just two rounds. From Shields' point of view, although it's early, his fighter has done more than enough to share the ring with Alvarez.

“When is he gonna get his opportunity?”